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Astech Software Ltd produces switch training software specifically designed to help children with physical disabilities and learning disabilities to learn and practice the switch and touchscreen skills needed to access assistive technology.

Our mouse training titles teach basic computer mouse skills to all children.


Testimonial & Independent Review

FREE Demonstration CD

  The features and benefits
of Astech Software are:
  • Software has been
    clinically trialled
    with successful results

  • Our Occupational Therapists and Speech-Language Therapists have clinically trialled the software with children with a variety of special needs.

  • In each case, the software has made a marked improvement in the children's switch skills as well as their visual and audio attention, choice making abilities and tracking of graphics on the screen.

  • The software has also been used successfully with children by Speech-Language and Occupational therapists, teachers, teacher aides and parents, throughout New Zealand and Australia.

   Bold and simple graphics
   using contrasting colours
   on plain backgrounds.

   - not distracting
   - helps concentration
   - ideal for children with
     vision impairments

    Teddy, Old MacDonald and his pig are three characters in the Astech Songs and Stories series  

Simple Eye Catching Animation

   - attracts and keeps children's
     attention on the screen.

   - children can easily track
      the simple, bold graphics
      as they move across the screen.


The fun, attention grabbing
content of the CDs motivate the user to keep the action going by using the switch or mouse.


Lots of humour and funny sound effects keep everyone smiling, laughing and interested.


Certain sounds and dialogue are often repeated in the stories. Children learn to eagerly anticipate these and join in.




Plenty of opportunities for interaction between the child and the person working with them. It is a fun and effective way for disabled children to communicate and play with
friends and family and vice versa.

Ages and Stages - Trial Versions
Astech Software caters for a range of ages and stages of development.

In the Switch Training 'Press' Series, there is an example of a song or story from a CD in the 'Press Wait' Series, the next step in the switch training progression. You can trial this with the child to see if it's time to buy a 'Press Wait' title.
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'Songs and Stories Press' was the first CD Astech Software produced and has been extremely effective in teaching switch skills to children. Speech-Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, teachers, parents and grandparents have used it with special needs children with a lot of success. Version 2, with an additional touchscreen section, is now available.

The following is the feedback we got from someone using this program:




A little about our grandson John (not his real name) – John is 5 ½ years of age and has limited speech, a very short attention span along with a learning disability. To get him to concentrate on one particular activity is always a challenge. Recently we purchased from Astech Software a ‘Songs and Stories’ CD Rom. The bright colour graphics along with the sounds and music have captured John’s attention. The software programme requires the participant to use the switch (mouse) at intervals to move onto the next part of the song/story. In a very short time we have found that this particular software programme has proved to be of a huge benefit to John’s learning. John now has his own software programme he can use on the computer (with assistance) just like his big brother. This past weekend John sat through 4 songs and 1 story and by the end of his visit he was able to respond by himself when the cue to press the switch (mouse) was initiated.

I would thoroughly recommend Astech Software to any parent/caregiver who wishes to further help a child/adult improve in their learning.

Regards – I.F. (a caring Nana)



See Before You Purchase

The grandmother in the above testimonial took adavantage of our FREE DEMONSTRATION CD to see if her grandson responded to the software. 'John' enjoyed 'Humpty Dumpty', the one song on the CD, so much that 'Songs and Stories Press' was purchased and 'John' has had a wonderful time meeting the other characters on the CD.


This CD features one full song from the 'Songs and Stories Press' and 'Songs and Stories Mouse Skills' CD-ROMs. It does not have a touchscreen section.

The CD gives a good indication of our software systems and interfaces and can be obtained FREE by ticking the appropriate box on our order form.

Post and Handling charges will apply but if you return the demonstration disk in good condition with your next CD purchase order, we will dispatch your order minus the post and handling fee.

Available for New Zealand customers only.


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  Ted is a character in the Songs and Stories CDs  

Made in N.Z.

Made for Kiwi kids but will appeal to children in other English speaking countries. Astech Software is being used throughout Australia.



Competitively priced

See the Price page for prices of our programs

Backed by a warranty for all customers and a 14 day money back guarantee for N.Z. customers.



N.Z. Schools, therapists and organisations can trial our software for 21 days. Please contact us if you are interested and we will send you a trial form.

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Independent Review of Astech Mouse Training Software

Click Here
for a printable PDF of the
entire review.

In 2004, Gerry Kennedy, an experienced ICT Consultant in Education and Assistive Technology in Australia, wrote an independent review on Astech’s Mouse Training software.


Extract from Gerry Kennedy’s Review of 'Songs and Stories Mouse Skills No.1' - Level 1' (now renamed 'Songs and Stories Mouse Skills') .......

“Twenty years experience in the field has culminated in delivery of these delightful and captivating programs. They are vibrant and colourful, have excellent figure ground, contain delightful music and sound effects. The adult and child voices are well paced. In addition, it is refreshing to hear the accents of New Zealand. The programs are interactive and they can be implemented with individual users or as a set for a total teacher/training system.”

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