Children's Services

For families

We maintain a strong focus on working with families and value their involvement as we work with their child. We view their goals or aspirations for their child of primary importance, forming the basis for therapy intervention. Astech therapists work with the families goals and provide guidance regarding effective strategies and therapeutic activities that produce the best results.

Through working closely with the child and their family, we will develop a collaborative professional relationship with them. We also work with people in the child’s wider community, which may include teachers, teacher aides, medical personel, co-workers or employers. 

Often our therapies are such that the child is not aware they are working on their rehabilitation, but instead are enjoying themselves playing fun games with an understanding professional who engages them at a pace they can cope with.  Our therapies involve a stimulating environment of challenge, patience and encouragement.

We know that it is essential that therapy is based on the child’s and families goals. So we effectively work with both the child and the family.  In that way, we can ascertain what the difficulties and challenges are in each situation, and the options available to suit all.

Therapies usually include the provision of advice and demonstrations of therapy techniques-working with the family, as well as hands-on therapy with the child. In this way, as we work with the child, the parents can see our techniques first hand rather than just be told about them. Parents are then able to apply the strategies we use in everyday situations, creating opportunities for their child to practise these skills.

One of the rewards of providing our services is the relationships we develop and maintain with child and family. Many of our current adolescents have been working with us to improve their skills and confidence since they were young children.

Amidst our specialist work, we see our role is to move the family from having no idea of what to expect to the point of seeing what might be possible.  We understand that one of the main values of the service we provide is that we offer families knowledge and perspective.  This is rewarding, in that families can know they are truly doing everything they can do for their loved one.